Growth Sites has its roots in contrast, both visual and metaphorical. Steel components are covered in a velvety layer of red rust, while others are encrusted in a strange, electric-blue crystal bloom. The crystals are brilliantly beautiful, but strange. The geological resemblance of the crystal structures we identify as something naturally occurring, yet the unwholesome colouration suggest something completely unnatural and toxic. 

This toxic geology represents a confluence of natural and unnatural occurrences where the familiar becomes strange and the strange becomes familiar. The pieces in this collection are symbols of furniture that have been hijacked and subverted; rendered unusable via an infestation from an unsettling crystal growth.

"Despite the familiarity of the furniture, there is a tension between the functional forms and the alluring crystal growths that are slowly negating the possibility of practical use.  One wonders if, over time, the crystals will ultimately consume the whole surface, completely obscuring the furniture underneath"
—Dr Grace Blakeley-Carroll

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Photography: hcreations